Architekturstudentin, M. Sc.

Sometimes when we are running and running every day getting more tired towards the aim that we have already forgotten what it was, we have to stop the run and try to take a look at the whole way once again out of the context. What is it if we feel under pressure at uni? Might it be the atmosphere space and surroundings have created? Could it rely on the social relations among our small society? How can we improve it? Visiting the group with these questions at the back of my mind, Iencountered a very relaxed circle in which it was easy to talk. Tu Phung offered some really fundamental subjects on analysis of self and I started hearing from others what was swinging in my own mind, and that helps itself a lot. At a university that we are studying the art of construction, we also have to learn the "art of deconstruction", which means for me to disassemble the parts that are not functioning well, take a more precise look at them and find out a better way to put them in our construction. That is what we tried to do in our group and I found it very interesting.


Architekturstudentin, M. Sc., 3. Semester